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Software Mascots

name species project notes
whale LÖVE 1)2)
fish The Barrelfish Operating System3)4)
cat Kitten Lightweight Kernel5)6)7) a black kitten
axolotl Axolotl (Signal client)8)9) blue
axolotl Axolotl (machine learning fine-tuning tool)10)11) “ Go ahead and axolotl questions ”
bird Roc (programming language) 12) possibly it is this large bird:
Koala SmokeAPI 13)
Alpaca Stanford Alpaca 14)
Basilisk web browser 15)
Hedgehog Futhark (programming language))16)17)18) I imagine this is some kind of nod to Sonic the Hedgehog, because of being titled “Gotta Go Fast!”
D-Man D D (programming language)19)20) There are many appearances of the D-Man, official and unofficial, but no centralized listing of these. This forum thread collects most of them , and here are a few others:
Chicken Chicken (programming language by Farhan Sadaf)21)22) Not to be confused with Chicken Scheme.
Based on a quick google, I think the logo is from . The link on that page to the page listing the full license for the image is broken, but on this page is written “Flaticon license Free for personal and commercial use with attribution. More info” and other text which implies the site is either using CC-BY or a very similar license, which is Free Culture so that's nice.
Bird Gren (programming language)23)24) Possibly a wren?
Wren Wren (programming language)25)26)
Dagster? octopus Dagster27)28)29)30)
Lemmy? mouse Lemmy31)32)33)34)
wolf LibreWolf35)36)37) a browser based on firefox
Bun? Chinese steamed bun (Xiaolongbao/bao/baozi) Bun38)39) has face, is smiling
Deno? Sauropod? Deno40)41)42)43) Species of Sauropod cannot be determined from the cartoonish drawings. The deno(s? for there seem to be several, of different colors44) are consistently drawn without a mouth
hare The Hare programming language45)46)
rabbit Nift47)48)49) (aka nsm / Nifty Site Manager) Holding two bent rectangles that appear to be html angle brackets. Also, may be associated with a badger, according to the github readme?
dove Bevy (game engine built in Rust) 50)51)
Dash hummingbird Dart, and Flutter52) rotund and blue
bee53) BeeCount54) resembles the Android mascot
cat wallet catima55) red
lemur lemmur 56)
(Presumably, “lobster”, judging by the file name) lobster lobster programming language57)58)59)
wizard:?60) Wizard61)62) ImageMagick63)64)
Otter Lutris65)66) appears to be specifically the Eurasian otter, Lutra lutra, hence the name of the project. Seems to be curled around a yellow ball, possibly an egg yolk as postulated by
veasel weasel The V Programming Language67)68) blue and white
Possum Eleventy69)70) “animal suspended from the floating red balloon”
Lion Roaring Bitmaps71)72)
Sandwich sudo73)74)75) Has a face, located on at least one slice of bread. Appears to be a BLT.
Frog Coqui76)77)78) Coquí is a type of frog,79) but oddly the frog on the project's webpage80) is a treefrog.
Hummingbird Snap81)82) in some images, oragami
Hummingbird FluentBit83)84)
The DTrace pony(corn) ponycorn DTrace85) “(both pony and unicorn!)”. Possibly “a magician”. X-ray laser eyes. “There is no official DTrace mascot. You can use this instead”. Several other tracing tool pony mascots are proposed or referenced in
Straus ostrich Strace86)87)88) Straus (also Strauß, etc) is a German name and the German word for ostrich.
bird dCache89)90)91)
giraffe Jraph92) graph giraffe
ghost Spektral 93)94)95)96) Pac-man style ghost
Onion the Fennel programming language97)98) has eyes
Motovun Jack Cat (kitten) TiddlyWiki99)100)
polar bear GNU Smalltalk101)
Kate woodpecker Kate102)103) designed by Tyson Tan in 2014
Rat Linux Ratfor104)105) wears a t-shirt with a 4 on it
Squirrel Sodipodi “Sodipodi is an open-source vector graphics editor, discontinued in 2004, and is the predecessor to Inkscape.” –Wikipedia106)
Dolphin NEdit
Fish Concurrent Versions System (CVS) may be a goldfish?
Yastie107) Aardvark108) YaST109)110)
Coot Coot111) It's biting off the gamma phosphate of an ATP.
hummingbird Cilk112) (only the libre releases)
hummingbird LXQt113)114)
unicorn gunicorn115) green
Edward E Drop?116) eggman?117) Eggdrop118)119) egg with legs, blue sneakers, glasses, eyebrows
turtle LOCKSS120)121)
Augie bird Upspin122)123) male. copyrighted
parrot Parrot (virtual machine)124)
bear BearSSL125) low-poly, poking at lock. Project is in beta.
Dashie Cyber Bunny DashGL126) “Dashie the Cyber Bunny is a playful little bunny girl, young and eager to learn. Being a bunny reflects the library's small and nimble nature. Her low-polygon costume reflects the library's purpose of managing matrices and vectors.”
Pig Apache Pig127)
Xenixlet xenixlet XKit128) (defunct), New XKit129) some sort of yellow worm with arms? Introduces itself as to user as “Xenixlet #[number] Your Personal Xenixlet, XKit Assistant”. Has a (probably unofficial) blog here:
eye The Newspeak Programming Language130)
Barron(?)131) rooster Coq132) strangely, the rooster is drawn entirely in fleshy tones, as if to evoke the obvious double entendre.
octopus GNU arch133) octopus is salmon colored and squirting ink. project is deprecated.
rat? monotone134)135) grey
cat whitecat136) cats ears in logo in ascii
Zero Ziguana (iguana) Zig programming language137)
Ziggy Ziguana (iguana) Zig programming language138)
Buggie? ladybug SerenityOS139)140)141)142)
horseStampede Linux143) discontinued
rhinoceros Rhino144)
rhinoceros Nashorn
human Thunar (file manager)145) viking
orange orange146) wears glasses, has a face and limbs, there's also an anthropomorphic page and some anthropomorphic nodes/balloons?
human Fiat147)148) stick figure wearing a crown with three jewels
Tortoise TortoiseGit, TortoiseSVN, TortoiseCVS, TortoiseHg, TortoiseBzr Blue (in some instances), Cartoon
mastodon? Mastodon149) fondness for tooting. “The Mastodon mascot is a sitting Proboscidean using a tablet or smartphone; however, the distribution of fur is more suggestive of a woolly mammoth than the mastodon.”150)
human? Intern151) very stylized human, if human. Presumably intern. Has glasses.
Demon? ClamAV A clam shell is pictured in some older logos
Xen Fu Panda Panda Xen Project152) Dressed like a Chinese peasant, sometimes has wings to fly in the clouds153)
seal mariaDB154) white or brown
monkey mono
Gmicky tiger G'MIC155) cub, magician
Cheetah Cheetah, the Python-Powered Template Engine156)
Genetically Engineered Goat, Large GEGL157)
Shark SickRage158) Very muscular arm.
Jenkins human Jenkins159) Butler
human Apache ZooKeeper160) Is a zookeeper, presumably
rabbit RabbitMQ161) orange and made of pixels
monkey jMonkeyEngine162)
monkey Monkey X163)
monkey Monkey 2164)
Cerberus Cerberus X165)
ant apache ant166)
dog Impro-Visor167) light brown fur, blue eyes, red sweater, playing trumpet and keyboard with humanesque fingers
bird MEISE168) yellow chest
raptor RAPTOR169)170)
badgerPrivacy Badger171)
Bird of prey of some sort Tokumei174)175)176)
firebug firebug177) red version for FlashFirebug178), blue & fireless version for firePHP179)
sea urchin fireSSH180)
seahorse fireFTP181)
tomster hamster ember.js182)has glasses
unicorn Org mode183)(also MobileOrg184)) Teal with reddish hair
octopus octochess purple, holding chess pieces
robot certbot resembles a lock, holds a key
elephant gradle
spider eyes on its rear? “ is a free-software code collaboration platform for freely licensed projects… is based on the Gogs MIT licensed code collaboration platform. The version we run is always available”
Belenos Sun 185) BeleniX
Schilli knight in shining armor Schillix
giraffe Nexenta OS
Pochoclín bucket of popcorn with eyes popcorntime smiling with toothless mouth open (name is “derived from 'pochoclo', which means 'popcorn' in Buenos Aires parlance” according to wikipedia)
bee bitlbee
rabbit varnish cache superhero with turbin?
human blackbelt (related to TOR) what looks like a samurai, featured in the installer
rabbit freenet
kiwi quivi (image viewer)
smiley face Comix has horns, fangs, and black eyes
monkey smiley face MComix186) (fork of Comix)
camel gmusicbrowser a cool guy
whale docker often swarms for some reason
rabbit things Memcached
human hijackthis wears red, holds magnifying glass
Urho fish Urho3D (game engine) based on a real dead fish. See
catfish catfish file search wears a white hat and monocle
Slonik elephant PostgreSQL187) (also probably the elephant featured in pgAdmin and slony) Slonik (“слоник”) is Russian for “little elephant”
turtle PostgreSQL “In Japan, a turtle logo is used in place of the elephant due to domestic terrorist symbolism.”188)
eye (human?) decentraleyes
human browserify wizard
bear? npm
human yeoman he's a yeoman
flame bowerbird bower (“The browser package manager”)
warthog grunt (“The JavaScript Task Runner”)
Kitty humaniod cat AROS Research operating system
mouse squeak programing language
spider Slitaz
fish stockfish (chess engine)189)190)
bird illumos
Spot a spot of white ink CinePaint has eyes
toucan Tukaani “The Tukaani project began as a Slackware based distribution. Nowadays the Tukaani distribution no longer exists, but the distro work gave birth to a few subprojects. The most important of these is XZ Utils data compression software, whose earlier versions carried the name LZMA Utils.”
T-rex with a unicorn horn libuv green
Plover Plover Plover (pronounced PLUH-VER, not PLOE-VER) is the world's first free, open source stenography engine.
dog mongrel2 web server
human cherokee web server blue hair, literally white skin, feather headband, cartoon girl
bird Swift (Programming language) white
hadoop? elephant hadoop yellow
bluebird bluebird191)
Presumably a lynx LynxChan an imageboard engine
blue fish bluefish (text editor)
lion (humanoid) TeX
lioness (humanoid) metafont
hummingbird LaTeX
Shark FreeNAS
Rat ratposion may be dead
Cat CatWM cute and made of ASCII art
Horse FreeBASIC (and compiler)
Human Hugin Abstract looking, only in logo
pug pug 192)
Pac-Man Looking thing game editor
Thunderbird Thunder Bird Mozilla Thunderbird
Ice Dove Icedove
Tux Penguin Linux A beloved and notable mascot, Tux has been the subject of much art, merchandise, and media. Here is an incomplete list of relevant info: In the platformer SuperTux193) Tux's girlfriend Penny (a purple penguin) is captured by Nolok, a large, villainous creature who appears to be some sort of green dinosaur or dragon with orange horns and yellow claws wearing a green superhero's cowl and a black vest. Nolok returns as the villain in the karting game SuperTuxKart,194) when he kidnaps and threatens to eat Gnu. SuperTuxKart is based on TuxKart,195) which also features Gown, another girlfriend of Tux's, who was first introduced in Tux the Penguin: A Quest for Herring196)—Gown is a regularly-colored black penguin but wears a red white-dotted bow and skirt. More information about the history of tux can be found at also bears some investigation.
Adiumy Adium
Beastie Daemon BSD in general (Also, more specifically, FreeBSD)
Emule Mule eMule
Hexley Platipus Darwin
Pidgin Pigeon Pidgin
Geeko Chameleon OpenSUSE
Wilber GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)
Beagle Beagle Beagle Desktop Search
ElePHPant Elephant PHP
Gnu Gnu GNU
Konqi Dragon KDE K Desktop Environment Note the pre and post Tyson Tan redesign.197) Also has unnamed(?) colorful friends in a couple dragon pictures.
Katie Dragon KDE Female counterpart to Konqi. Note the pre and post Tyson Tan redesign
Kandalf Human (Wizard) KDE Old mascot
Puffy Pufferfish/ porcupinefish OpenBSD
Xue Mouse Xfce
Sara Human
Mozilla T. Rex / Lizard Mozilla
Buggie Bug BugZilla
Seamonkey SeaMonkey
Ice Ape Iceape
Firefox Firefox firefox should have the private browsing mask on its person. Perhaps as a special move?
Ice Weasel IceWeasel
Ice Cat GNU IceCat
Cat Uzbl
Sun Bird Sunbird
Ice Owl Iceowl
Bugdroid (Team Nickname) Robot Android
Robot Replicant
Robot Cyanogenmod
Unicorn AOKP
Robot? Paranoid Android
198) Racoon Minix
Gopher Go Programming Language
199)200)201) Alien Lisp202)
Duke Java
Hiawatha (presumably) Human Hiawatha web server
Shadowman Human Red Hat Linux
Gulls OpenOffice
S NoScript
Sawfish Sawfish window manager
Miss Workrave Sheep workrave
Pig Snort
Flying Squirel Système de Publication pour l'Internet
Mouse Postfix (Mail Program)
Hedgehog(?) NuFW
Dragon Clang/LLVM Silver, like a robot
Orca Orca Screen Reader Probably blind. Carries a blind cane. Speaks in screenreader voice?
Fred Dragonfly DragonflyBSD
Firefly FireflyBSD Can't find logo, but wikipedia told me it existed. project may be lost to time
Blinky Fish FreeDOS Looks like he is a whale, I'm assured he isn't
Dolphin Dolphin Browser
Dolphin Dolphin Emulator
Sakila Dolphin MySQL “Sakila” is also the name of the MySQL sample database, designed to represent a DVD rental store. Hey look a plush:
Rabbit(?) Coreboot
Elk(?) Libreboot
Ghost GhostScript
Human SHEF Chef
Ice Dragon Comodo IceDragon
Lynx Lynx browser
Elephant Apache Hadoop
Gecko Ututo XS
Dragon Dragora
Stux Penguin Linux-libre Light blue stuffed penguin. Hanging up to dry on clothesline. …just a photo of a stuffed animal, really (thus, its mascot cred is questionable)203)
Freetz Penguin Linux-libre Dark blue penguin. Getting out of shower. Older Brother of Freedo.204)
Freedo Penguin Linux-libre Light blue penguin. Getting out of shower. Younger Brother of Freetz.205)
Lux Angel Penguin Linux-libre Light blue penguin with halo and wings. Modification of Tux. By Guillaume Pasquet. 206)207)
(probably “cryptocat”) Cat Cryptocat Red. Pixelated.
Nightingale Nightingale
Chameleon Notepad++
Kiki Cyber Squirrel Krita208) “A cute, left-handed cyber-squirrel. (A squirrel, because Krita means “squirrel” in Albanian.)”
Tango Tree Frog FreePBX Full name maybe be 'Tango D. Frog'
Lizard GNS3
Ladybug Ladybug
Butterfly FreeMind
Weka Weka
Duck Duck Duck Go DDG has many open source projects, but their main search engine isn't. Then again, the users (the DDG team) have the power. Stallman seems to think this is okay, and he is perhaps the highest standard possible on this issue, so I guess DuckDuckGo is libre
Squid Squid (caching and forwarding web proxy)
Squid SquidGuard
Ki-si Pig KAGE A ninja
RethinkDB Humanoid. white.
Angler Fish GDB, the GNU debugger
Zebra Exherbo
Turle Requests
Larry Cow Gentoo Unofficial
Znurt Flying Saucer Gentoo Unofficial
Penguin (Gentoo) Gentoo A gentoo penguin with real bird wings?
Eye nmap
Eye gNewSense Minimalistic. Probably a large disembodied sky-dweller
Eye Eye of GNOME
Eye (or maybe a guy wearing rainbow goggles?) Gwenview
Sphere Blu Hell
Dog Yellow Dog Linux
Squirrel SquirrelMail
Magnifying-glass eye with horns Searx
Dragonfly newLISP
face AMPlayer
Human Ren'Py Pink hair, carries yellow snake.
Dog PuppyLinux
Glassfish GlassFish
Abe (presumably) Globe Abe Beard & Hat based on Abraham Lincoln
Horse? Anjuta Purple
Spider Arachnophilia
Lizard (Gecko?) Minimo Defunct
itoopie A man wearing a mask I2P
Amanda panda Window Maker
Gavoroche goblin MediaGoblin
Camelia butterfly Perl 6 “spokesbug for Perl 6”
human Composer, a PHP dependency manager
mammoth Mammouth, a small language that compiles to PHP
cat Neko programming language/NekoVM
Scratch Cat cat Scratch Programming Language209) Has a son(?), Scratch Jr,210) and many associated characters
brain MusicBrainz
ram, lambda rambda211)
frog Vuse
Baby Q (?) dragon qBittorrent green baby, possibly descended from the KDE dragons
some sort of cute personified orange? Cadencii (a VSQ file viewer from Japan) (GNU General Public License version 2.0.)
The mahimahi or “common dolphinfish” Shiira “Shiira (シイラ, Japanese for the common dolphin-fish) is a discontinued open source web browser for the Mac OS X operating system.” (BSD license)
otter Otter Browser
Owl Eigen (C++ linear algebra library) There are various un-named owls
flaming ghost head? Jahshaka listening to headphones.
mantis MantisBT (Bug Tracker)
cheetah free Pascal
Aladdin(?) genie jitsi
Fire Bird Firebird (SQL database server)
Flame Robin FlameRobin (management GUI for Firebird )
Chicken Chicken Scheme only in logo
wallaby wallabag (self hostable application for saving web pages)
lion Brave (browser)
budgie Budgie (Desktop Environment)
dinosaur COBOL on Wheelchair
Dux (DRBL tux) The weirdest penguin you've ever seen Diskless Remote Boot in Linux maybe it's just another interpretation of Tux. Hmm… available as a toy of some sort
orange humanoid NimbleX seen in the favicon of
dragon dragonbones (2D skeleton animation solution)
Jurgen Human Silhouette Frets on Fire212)

Mascots That Might Not Count

filament PrusaSlicer orange filament styled both like Clippy and Joseph Prusa in tip popups 213) has eyes, eyebrows, glasses, and a hat. However, it's unclear if this is the mascot of the project, or just an icon.
pony django has wings, unicorn horn, and magic powers. Unofficial.214)
cockroach CockroachDB215)216) It's unclear if this is the logo of the project or the company.
Boris Houndleroy beagle BeagleBoard (libre hardware) 3d model here:
human Gramps217)218) He's the old guy in the picture Gramps uses all the time.
gargoyle Gargoyle (interactive fiction player) Might just be inanimate stone, like a real gargoyle)
Genie (implied by the genie's lamp in the logo) Geany
Suzanne Chimpanzee Blender May not qualify as a Mascot
robot (?) apache cordova looks like an ethernet cord with a face?
Fire Bird Mozilla Firebird, what Firefox used to be called did this even have a mascot in the brief period before it was renamed again?
Firebird Firebird chess engine
Camel Perl O'reilly trademark?
Camel CAML and derivatives (OCAML, etc)
Rabbit Wabbitemu might just be the mascot of the organization that makes it
Red Gnu/Lizard GNUzilla Actually this might just be the same Gnu, just like, painted red for the moment.
Gecko Gecko Layout Engine Might not even have a logo with a gecko in
Bill Cat tiny/turbo/throttling HTTP server daemon this is a character from a nonfree comic, merely coopted to be an unofficial mascot
Maemo Many ideas were bandied about. Perhaps no official mascot.
foxkeh Firefox Japanese Firefox or somesuch
foxmosa firefox Taiwanese Firefox or something
Meego Don't know. research more.
waterfox fox just a blue firefox? probably a “water fox”
Wombat DATATRIEVE DATATRIEVE is in the wikipedia category for “Proprietary database management systems”, so I guess it isn't free.
dragon comoco dragon freeware
OP Shark shark OSH Park a company?
cat alien foobar2000 freeware
octocat github github itself seems to be closed source but publishes certain software like Github Desktop that is open source, for which the octocat might also serve as mascot?
Jasper Jasper (voice-based personal assistant for the raspberry pi)
Songbird “GNU GPLv2 with exceptions; Android client closed source” Can't find a mascot, but suspect it is a black bird. Project discontinued anyway.
Chameleon Chameleon boot loader open source, but what license?
Digit Robot Schmooze Schmooze was a company involved in VOIP, not a piece of software
Ladybug Ladybug Logo (Programming Language) maybe this is true, I don't know
GNU/dragon gforth
Dragon smaug Smaug is an extremely obscure parsing program written in php. It may not be eligible because Smaug is already a famous dragon.
Sea Turtle Trita The only evidence I had that this ever existed as a software project is a number of search engine results for download sites. Probably proprietary anyway.
Turtle Turtl
Neon Dinosaur Fossil Classilla Probably just a bone from Mozilla
Blackbird Blackbird, a version of Firefox customized for black people. No, really, I'm serious. It streamed the news for headlines which might interest black people and put them in a little ticker, etc. Only the wing is in the logo
demon demonoid, a bittorrent tracker yellow, has fancy trident
demon demonii, a bittorrent tracker blue, has a fancy trident
butterfly OpenBitTorrent - An open tracker project
pig Oink's Pink Palace, a bittorrent tracker RIP
demon demonsaw green
unicorn BlackUnicorn - A demonsaw project
Harvey (?) pooka (?) harvey OS harvey is, of course, invisible, but casts a shadow that looks like Glenda. This is based on the character Harvey from the play Harvey.
K-9 Robot Dog K-9 Mail Based on the character “K-9” from Doctor Who
Archie Archie Archie Search Engine. No real mascot
Veronica Veronica Veronica Search Engine. No real mascot
Jughead/tail Jughead/tail Jughead/tail Search Engine. No real mascot
Sandy ferret sandy (text editor) I heard on the internet it was named after a dead ferret
otter OTTER (resolution-style theorem prover)
humanoid robot woman
duck DaisyDuck (audiobook player) Daisy Duck is a copyrighted disney character
sparrow SparrowOS, a public domain operating system SparrowOS was later changed to TempleOS
egyptian eye Sphinx a “Python Documentation Generator”
owl pocoo, “The Pocoo Team consists of people from the Python community that are working under one umbrella on various Python libraries and applications.”
Aleoh bird Whyville I have no evidence that this is a real mascot that existed for anything except for an entry on the wikipedia list of mascots that was removed for fancruft
Snoo Alien reddit Snoo is the mascot for the website, not the code
fish ogg file format it's a file format, not a software project
Travis(?) Human Travis CI Requires further investigation
Ruby-chan Human Ruby
Human Archive Warrior I can't imagine that Archive Warrior is proprietary, but I can't seem to find the license…
Wile E. Coyote Coyote Wily219)220) Wile E. Coyote is a copyrighted cartoon character
turtle Ingres (database) requires more research
demon-ghost? Lumina Desktop Environment221) requires additional research
triangle with a face NNTPchan222) requires additional research
rodent Advogato223) not software, just an advocacy group
Libbie Cyber Oryx LibreOffice “Tyson [Tan] submitted a mascot (Libbie the Cyber Oryx) for LibreOffice during a contest run by The Document Foundation in late 2017 however his entry was unsuccessful”224) as the contest was cancelled.

Lists of Mascots

Lists That Have Been Completely Integrated into the Above List

Sources, completely covered:225)

Lists That Have NOT Been Completely Integrated into the Above List

for this is the name by which a picture of the wizard is summoned in the imagemagick program
also known as 🐸TTS in project documentation
KDE Advanced Text Editor
Amphiprion Percula
listed as Celtic Sun God in some places
Officially there is no official name
seems to have no name beyond “Lisp Alien”
one anonymous source in personal communication imaginatively gives as aliases for this apparently unnamed mascot “Yhtraccm” (“McCarthy” backwards), Namssuseleets (“Steele” and “Sussman” backwards), “λambdy” or “lambdy” (diminutive form of “lambda”), and “yambdaλ” or “yambdal” (presumably a form of the word “lambda” with some semblance of rotational symmetry)
“lispy” would also seem fitting to me.
it is unclear if some or all of these lists may have expanded since they were last investigated
in french

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